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Professor Gulu's music and activity workbooks are a great tool for teaching your kids important lessons or getting them engaged in group activities where they can learn from each other - Alan Burns I downloaded the lyrics to my iBooks on my phone and also onto my children’s iPads. These catchy tunes will have your kiddos entertained and learning at the same time. Professor Gulu rocks! - Kalyn Broadway Thanks for allowing me to read Professor Gulu’s book. This book is a must for all parents and young children - - ANGELL BROWN-FONTENOT The principles Professor Gulu teaches to children are highly beneficial in navigating in today’s society - Mrs. Colleen Handy

About the Author

The desire to reduce pain and suffering of children and empower youth to be the best they can be is what inspired Karl A. Floyd to create his Professor Gulu stories and the Cerebrophonic music series.

With a focus on increasing youth coping skills, safety awareness, self-esteem, judgment and decision-making abilities, Professor Gulu’s learning series has become a powerful tool to help gauge youth progress towards emotional maturity. In addition, the series will help parents and guardians learn effective communication skills and develop insight and understanding on complex issues that affect youth development.

In addition, the stories reflect real-life situations, include quizzes, critically important parent-child safety tips, and helpful family resources. Each book is also accompanied by skillfully crafted songs that listeners can enjoy anytime, anyplace, and anywhere on Professor Gulu’s Online Music Learning Center.

THANK YOU for helping us promote child safety.

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